The Gift of Reading…How much is it worth?

April 23, 2008

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In today’s economy, people around the country are having to pull in their “financial belts” and, in some cases change the way they are spending money – and focus on the really important things in life.

When times like these come, it is a good time to reflect on all of the blessings we have – our conveniences, our homes, our food, and, of course our family and friends. Really, we live in abundance. No matter what our situation, we live in abundance.

Despite the economy, it appears that Americans are still vacationing, still having Chemlawn spray their lawns, still buying flat screen televisions, Blackberries, IPods, and going out for dinner. This is a good thing! We’re going to be fine…there is abundance all around us and we’re still enjoying it!

So, why am I, resident Dyslexia specialist, talking about the ECONOMY? Well, I recently added the frequently asked question, “How much is the program?” to my website’s FAQ page.

I debated about this, as my fear is that some people will make quick decisions based on price – especially with the economy the way it is today! However, as I have searched for different services that I am seeking, I am usually grateful to find one that doesn’t make me jump through hoops to find out the “small print.” I am one who likes to have a sense as to what I’m getting myself into and I don’t like surprises.

So, I answered the question…knowing the service that I offer is worth so much more than what it costs. I have the luxury of being in a business where lives are changed – clients find themselves, understand themselves, and break free of their limitations! I guide them and facilitate them to this…they make it happen.

As the answer to my FAQ question goes, the program is usually $3000. I know that, for most American families, this is not a small chunk of change…nor is it probably sitting around waiting to be spent. I would consider myself one of those average Americans…and when I had to make the decision as to what to do to help my son, it was with HOPE for his future that I came up with up the money (in a most unusual way). I remember, distinctly, the stress of knowing that, “if this doesn’t work, it will be devastating.” We wouldn’t have another $3000 lying around to try something else, and I knew that time was short for my son’s patience and willingness to keep trying new things.

I checked out many different options for my son before choosing the Davis® Dyslexia Correction Program. I surfed the web late at night, after long days of stressful work, hoping to find some sort of reassurance that the program would work! The testimonials seemed amazing…perhaps too good to be true…was it too good to be true?

I decided that, at minimum, I would have my son assessed for the program – and then we could go from there. There was no decision to be made until we at least did that. I remember sitting there and seeing my son interact with the facilitator – I was there for the Perceptual Ability Assessment – and was shocked to see that my son could do it with EASE. We heard about the details of the week-long program…what they would do, how they would use clay and learn how to focus. I left feeling good, but still had that nagging uncertainty – not knowing if we were making the right decision. Finally, I asked Alex what HE thought (imagine that!?!?!?!?) and he said that he really wanted to give a try. Knowing that he is very insightful about people and himself, that was it. I made a commitment to him and myself that this was the route we would go.

Now…where was the money going to come from? We didn’t have it. However, I knew it was something that we HAD TO DO for our son. If it worked, it would be the best money we ever spent…I couldn’t imagine spending money on anything more important than relieving his frustration, his low self-esteem, his struggle.

This is where motivation kicks in. Think of a time when there was something that you wanted. It felt so far out of reach…but you kept your mind and focus on it. Did it happen? If you wanted it badly enough, I’m sure it did! I believe that whatever we are passionate about, whatever we truly are on fire for, we will receive. And, I can prove it!

After we decided that our son would have a Davis® program, we literally had no idea how we would pay for it, schedule for it, or even when it would happen, but I was positive that we would make it happen – some way, some how. This is where my miracle stepped in…About 3 weeks after making the decision, I received an email from my employer at the time, announcing a Talent Show at a sales meeting that I had been invited to attend in Atlanta, GA. “Big cash prizes!”

Sitting alone in my office, I fondly thought about my two experiences with Karaoke at a local Chinese restaurant and realized that, if there were big cash prizes, and I won, then we’d be a step closer to my son’s program. So, I wrote back and said, “Sign me up for a solo!” My co-workers accused me of being insane (they had heard me sing karaoke!), but I didn’t care. I was determined to win the grand prize.

I had about 6 weeks to prepare. During that time, I re-wrote the words to Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive” – including names of my company’s “big wigs” and writing about “surviving” our company’s recent acquisition. Let’s just say that I’m a much better writer than I am a singer…but I love to sing.

Fast forward to the night of the talent show. I was now accusing MYSELF of being insane. The crowd was over 800 people and the #1, #2, and #3 executives in the company were the judges! The stage was ENORMOUS – with two huge jumbotrons on either side of it that would display my lyrics (and possibly an enormous video stream of me singing! HELP!). I was sick as a dog. I couldn’t believe what I had volunteered myself to do. Every time I wanted to chicken out, however, I thought of my son’s face – bravely asking for help that day after the assessment. I was GOING to win.

When my name was called to come out on stage, I whispered under my breath, “Ok, Alex…this is for you.” I felt a surge of determination run through me like never before. I ran out on stage, made a crazy wise-crack to the judges and proceeded to belt out my jingle like Gloria Gaynor herself (well…close enough)! When the grand prize winner was announced, I went up to the stage to accept…well…my son’s future! I was presented with $3000!

Why is this story important? I guess it is just to show that nothing is impossible. Despite this miracle story, I know that no matter what, I would have found a way to raise the money to help my son. It became my priority – and with priorities come abilities and opportunities.

So, if you believe that you or your child could benefit from a Davis program, please don’t see the cost as unachievable. I work in an industry where creativity is embraced – and that does not just include working with clay! Get creative! We’ll find a way to work it out! The experience of a Davis program is so vastly different from any other program out there…it is far more than a “reading program” – it promotes lifelong learning and self-understanding that can be implemented in all areas of life. In my opinion, there is no greater gift for any human being than that!

To look at a price and deem it “impossible” is a sure-fire way of limiting further abundance in life. Had I done that, my life would be very different than it is today. My son would be 13 years old and most likely miserable – not able to cope with the demands of his classes and peer perceptions of his “intelligence.” I would most likely still be chugging along, day after day, working at a company where the only difference I could make was to a “bottom line.” The decision to do a Davis program has changed the entire course of our lives!!! How could it change yours?

For more information on the Davis program and possible scholarship opportunities, visit or email Karen LoGiudice at or pick up the phone and dial 978-337-7753! There is always a way…

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