About the Facilitator

Karen R. LoGiudice, Owner/Facilitator, New England Dyslexia Solutions

Karen R. LoGiudice, Owner/Facilitator, New England Dyslexia Solutions

Karen LoGiudice, holding a degree in Communication from Suffolk University, has always had a love for reading and writing, and has used those skills throughout her career. When her 9-year-old son was struggling with reading, spelling, and writing, she desperately wanted to find a solution so that he, too, could master these fundamental skills of life.

School system testing came up inconclusive, but her obviously bright and articulate son continued to struggle. After about a year of private tutoring, psycho-educational testing, and research, it was revealed that her son was suffering from Dyslexia.

Karen sought help from a licensed Davis facilitator and watched her son’s self-esteem soar! His inspirational turn-around and academic success prompted Karen to pursue Certification in the Davis Dyslexia Correction procedures.

Since opening New England Dyslexia Solutions in 2006, Karen has been thrilled to help children and adults overcome difficulties with the written word, math, and attention deficits using the Davis techniques. Leaving a Senior Management position at a leading technology company in order to pursue this endeavor, Karen has no regrets…“Every client is unique; every program offers new and exciting challenges. It is an honor to work with extremely gifted and creative people every day!”


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